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Check out this powerful fiction that depicts true nature of unity and oneness titled “THREE FOOLISH BOYS”. see the story below!!!

“THREE FOOLISH BOYS” commenting on this story” Is an interesting fiction story that tells you the type of friends you have. Enjoy!!!

Read Story Below!!!


Shegu, Itoro and Adim are three best friends living together in the same house since their parents died. Shegu is a hunter, Itoro is a farmer and Adim rears cow and Chicken.

Shegu is a good hunter, each day he goes for hunting and set trap, his trap must catch big animals. He sells some and eat some. Itoro is a successful farmer that grow so many crops like rice, yam, corn, beans and vegetables. He makes plenty money out of it.

Adim also has plenty cows and Chicken and he makes more money than his friends. But they behave foolishly.

In their house, they cook what they bring from their livelihood. Shegu will roast his catch, Itoro will bring his crops and cook while Adim will roast one of the Chicken.

One day Adim was very upset as to how can he be killing his chicken everyday while his friends will just bring few of their livelihood and cook. He was especially angry with Shegu who will atimes will go and sell his big catch and bring rat for them to eat and he will still take the big portion while he will share his chicken equally.

Adim complain brought quarrel among the three friends and they concluded that they will no longer bring food together for them to cook. That each day one person will sponsor their meal. They agreed on it.


It was Shegu turn to bring what they will eat for the day, so Shegu set out very early for hunting. That day Shegu caught two big antelope and small Grass cutter.

He decided that he will hide the two antelope and bring in the small cutter with 3 sticks of plantain. Shegu on his way to hide the two antelope he caught he saw his old friend Lion and begged him to help him and sell the two antelope so that on the next day he will come and collect the money.

Lion asked him is it not better to take one antelope home and sell the rest as it will serve him for the time he will bring in a week but he refused. Lion took them and left and murmured foolish boy, I have been hungry and you are trying to sell this two big meal, why do I have to beg him to take one antelope home the Lion said.

That day his friends where so angry that what he brought can’t even take a meal, so they refused to eat and he ate it all.
It was Itoro turn to bring, as he was going to harvest his crop for their meal, Lion met him and told him what his friend did and adviced him to do the same rather than revealing the secret so he gave all his harvest to Lion and took home only corn. They got angry and refuse to eat and Itoro ate it alone.

The Next day it was Adim turn. He was so hungry that he has to go to nearby restaurant and eat to his fill, he pitied his two friends without knowing what they have done. So he decided to get a big tuber of Yam for them and a big chicken for there meal.
On his way home he met lion and he told him all his two friends did, so he decided to give lion the crops to keep for him and gave him all the chicken he wanted to sell that day to keep for him and he went home. Throughout that day the three friends refuse to talk to each other Adim did not bring any food home. Each of them with their thought decide that they will go to lion and collect their items and sell since they have achieved their plan. Shegu was the first to set out for the journey to lion home.


On getting there he asked lion of his antelope. Lion laughed and told him what a foolish person he is that he preferred to trust him than sharing with his friends so he jumped on him and killed him. The Next day Itoro and Adim looked for Shegu but couldn’t find him so they set out to search for him. On their way Itoro told Adim to go left while he go right in search of him they agreed and dispatched themselves.

But after a distance Adim recalled that going right is a road to lion house so he turned to right on getting close to Lion house he sighted Itoro begging lion that it was his foolishness to believe in him than sharing with his friends. On hearing this he knew that lion has killed Shegu and three of them has foolishly believed on the Lion. As he was still pondering on it. He saw lion pounced on his friend and killed him. He couldn’t help it but ran as fast as he could.

He was sober all through the day as he saw how Lion has killed his friend and how they have behaved foolishly.


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