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A powerful story titled “THE UNGRATEFUL”. Check out who they are.See story below!!!

“THE UNGRATEFUL” commenting on this story” Is an interesting story that will cause you to laugh and laugh till tears drop down. Enjoy!!!

Read story Below!!!


Tortoise was known to be a very cunny creature. He is very cunny and can deceive all the animals in his kingdom. Because of his cunny nature, other animals hated him so much and he is very greedy.
He has only one friend called Chetah. It was only Chetah that believe in him. Chetah is very kind and generous. He is not greedy like his friend the tortoise.

Every other animal knows him for his generosity. Every other animal warn him of his friend tortoise; how subtle he is but he believes that he can’t deceive him or led him astray as both of them are close friend.
But to tortoise, he only knows himself and nobody else.

One day tortoise told his friend about the big snail kingdom where they can get plenty meat and how he plan to kill all of them for food. So his friend Chetah loved the idea and told himself, thank God he has a friend like tortoise. That everybody despise him but he trust him.

So as they embark on the journey to snail kingdom. Tortoise told his friend Chetah that ones they reach a mile to the kingdom he should wait for him close to the bush at the nearby village, that if he follows him, he will scare them away. So Cheetah agreed to wait for him. On getting there, they were so happy to see him as he is friend to them.


So tortoise went to meet the king and told him why he came. He told him that there is famine in the land and his people want to invade there kingdom and kill all of them, so he ran as fast as he could to tell them what is about to happen. So the king thanked him and asked him what he will do. So he told the king that his people are fast approaching, that the best thing is to hide them in a pot.

That he will bring a big pot with hot oil then all of them will enter inside and it will protect them till they have gone he will open the top lid and they will come out. The king asked why hot pot of oil, he told them that’s only thing that can scare their enemies away. They saw reasons with what they said and they all crawled inside and tortoise quickly covered them and placed a stone on it.

Every effort they made to come out was in vain so they all died. After a while tortoise opened it and saw they have all died he packed all of them in a three big sack bag. He was happy that it will take him and his family for three months.
He left and followed another path to his house. He left his friend Chetah being so clever decided to go and wait across the major route to tortoise house as he sensed what will happen.

On tortoise sighting him, he hid some and was swallowing so many of it that he got choked that he couldn’t talk, so he managed to walk to were his friend is with sign language . He promised his friend if he can help him to bring out the shell that is choking him. He promised to give him half of the snail. So he agreed to help him. After Chetah succeeded in bringing the shell out, He reminded him of his share of the snail but tortoise denied promising him of any snail. Chetah was very angry as to how will he deceive him like this. Tortoise laughed and laughed and told him friendship has a limit.


Chetah angrily left him and told him he is very ungrateful that he would have left him to choke to death.


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