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Check out this story titled “THE TWO BROTHERS”. must read for all.see the story below!!!

“THE TWO BROTHERS” commenting on this story” Is an interesting story that depicts the will of God for us. Enjoy!!!

Read Story Below!!!


Ade and Tosin are two brothers. They live in Darmasa village. They both work in Dr. Sarma farm. Both are very rich and are admired by the girls in their town.

One day Ade saw Princess Laila the daughter of their King with her maid servants walking down the stream. Everybody include birds knows Ade with his brother but Ade is more handsome than his brother Tosin. Ade stopped to greet Princess laila and offered to help her fetch some water.

Princess Laila agreed as she admires his beauty. So as he carried the pot of water for her they were discussing on their way to the stream. After few days Ade told her he wants to marry her, if she will agree but Princess Laila replied him that it is only in the bathing ceremony ground that her father the king will allow her to make a choice of man she will marry.
Princess Laila is so beautiful that anybody that sees her will be captivated by her beauty. Her beauty was the talk of the Villagers.

Tosin as well began to develop affection for her as well but didn’t approach her.
One day Ade noticed how Tosin his brother will always talk about Princess Laila and her beauty. One day he called his brother and asked him if he has affection for Princess Laila. He admitted that he even wants to marry her but Ade told him that it won’t be possible as he has proposed to her that he is only waiting for the bathing ceremony day for Her to accept him but


Tosin insisted that it won’t be possible as Princess Laila is not allowed to choose a man until the day of the ceremony. From that day onwards the two brothers became enemy that they don’t eat together again or go to farm together as usual. It was a huge quarrel that Dr. Sarma who is also very handsome noticed it.

On the Bathing ceremony day, the two Brothers, surprisingly Dr. Sarma and two other men where selected for Princess Laila to choose who amongst them she will marry. As she was accessing them, she came to where the two brothers where standing and noticed that Ade face have the shape of a goat while Tosin the shape of a sheep.

She was scared as to why the two people she knows suddenly have the face of an animal. So she left them and choose Dr. Sarma. The two brothers were happy since princess did not choose any of them rather she chose their master.


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