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Check out this story titled “THE SHOE”. must read for all.see the story below!!!

“THE SHOE” commenting on this story” Is an interesting story for everybody that will cause you to laugh loud. Enjoy!!!


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She is very beautiful being that everybody wants to go out with. She is a protector of 10 children. With her your ten generation are protected. Everybody admires her and praises her. Nobody is adorned like her. She is very important to the community that everybody respects her. Everybody wants to have her unique beauty. Her beauty never fades and can never be tired of seeing her.

One evening Mr. Tonye wore his shoe to his workplace. He pet her a lot that once he is working he takes her to a safe place where no harm will befall her. If you want to see true colour of Mr. Tonye go close to her shoe and you will see the other side of him.

After farming, Mr Tonye decided to go and fetch water in the stream before going home. Mr Tonye decided to hide his shoe close to his crops so that nobody will tamper with it and he went to the stream.

After few minutes he came back but couldn’t find his shoe again. He searched and searched but couldn’t find it. He started screaming who took my shoe, who is the thief. So he rushed to the king and complained that he is looking for his partner. Everybody had self pity on him.


The King gave order to search for his partner. Everybody thought that it was his wife they searched and searched till they saw the wife coming back from the route to the market, they called on Mr. Tonye to come as they have found his wife. But Mr Tonye was crying so badly that it is not his wife that he is looking for. He told them it was his shoes. They all shouted your What?

He said again his shoes. They were so angry and quickly they left but Mr Tonye kept searching for his shoes. As he went back to search in the farm again, his eyes went to the Mango tree and there is the shoe he was looking for as he misplaced where he kept it. He was so happy that he rushed home to celebrate his lost shoe.


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