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The Rich and Poor Mouse


A powerful fictions that depicts the true meaning of contentment. Read story below

“THE RICH AND POOR MOUSE” is a story that teaches patience, contentment and faithfulness. must read for everybody.Enjoy

See story below:


Mikey and Muse are very good friend. Mikey is rich and Muse is poor and they are very close neighbor.
Muse the poor mouse is living in a barn full of corn and its silk. He loves his place so well that nobody disturbs him while he comes out to play or search for food and because of that, his rich friend with other mouse comes everyday in his barn to play and search for food but along the line, the rich mouse does not like the idea of each time they will go and search for food, sometimes they will go to dumping refuse ground and search for decayed leftover food.

So one day the rich mouse told his friend that he need to change his environment, that he can help him to get a new rich place for him where he can eat and have his fill without being starved in hunger.

The poor mouse was so happy with the offer that he ran off to tell his friends he is living with in the same barn.
His friends were not pleased with the news because they will miss their friend and all their moonlight plays.
So one of them begged him to stay with them as they are happy living together than running over a rich place where he will go and live in fear.


They pleaded with him to stay but to no avail as he has made up his mind to leave the barn for good and enjoy the comfort of the rich.
On getting to his new home, he was so happy on seeing plenty fish, bread, yam and other mouth watering food, He couldn’t help it but to dive and start munching the food. But as he is eating, he will here strange noise and he will run in a hole and hide. He was not happy with the hide and seek game but it doesn’t matter as he could fill his empty stomach.

His rich friend was amazed on how his friend is enjoying the place, especially the food.
After few weeks, the poor mouse was fatter than his rich friend. He was so big that his friends in the barn started fearing him. He could no longer run or play with his friends like before without stopping and panting like a big Christmas Chicken.

His friends started warning him that he is eating too much and can’t even run again but he turned deaf ear to his friends advice.
One day the poor mouse ran to his rich friend house panting and crying and begging him to find something for him to eat as he does not know what happened to all the food in the store but his rich friend refused to help him, telling him to go back that the food has finished that in a due time they will fill the store with food again and he will enjoy again.


After a week, he came running to his friend again for help, this time he was bruised with stick and blood was rushing out of his body.

But his rich friend told him that he should either go back to the house or to his old friends in the barn but he refused to his friends in the barn as they will laugh at him.
His condition from that day became so critical that he could no longer walk or see food to it.

His friends from the barn noticed his condition and begged him to go back with them but he refused telling them that very soon his problem will be over and they left him.

Two days after as his friends set out to hunt for food, they noticed large crowd of mouse in front of their friends house, they were so terrified that they rushed to the spot to see what is happening, lo and behold on getting there, they saw their friend lying down lifeless. He was already dead. They cried so bitterly that they set to revenge there dead friend, on getting to the rich mouse house, they met him lying down dead as well.

He has been killed. They stood there for a while and afterwards they went home and vowed that no matter how bad life is, they will always be contented with what they have and will never leave the barn.


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