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A powerful fiction that will cause you to laugh aloud titled “THE ORIGINAL OWNER”. Check out the story below!!!

“THE ORIGINAL OWNER” commenting on this story” Is an interesting fiction story that will keep you happy all day. Must read a story. Enjoy!!!

See Story Below!!!


Mrs Adesua is a widow with 4 kids. She has a very big hen called Ethen. Ethen can lay three crate of egg in 30 minutes. In a day Ethen can lay more than 20 crates of egg for Mrs Adesua. Mrs Adesua became a very rich woman as Ethen has brought good luck for her since the death of her husband.

Everybody was Jealous of her in the whole village. Ethen don’t just lay egg but a very big egg.

People come from far villages to buy egg from Mrs Adesua. During festive period Ethen can lay more than 100 crates of egg in one week and people buys them all and yet demand will be high.

One day ethen became very ill that the market went bad. Day pass, week, months; Ethen was not getting any better and she couldn’t lay egg any more.
Mrs Adesua became very angry as she could no longer make any sell from Ethen Egg. So one day Mrs Adesua told Ethen that she will leave the house as she is of no value to her anymore. So she pushed her out and Ethen staggered to the road and lay there.

So Mrs Adesua friend Kemi was passing along the road to Mrs Adesua compound she saw Ethen, she recognized Ethen and took her. Mrs Kemi took Ethen back to Mrs Adesua as she does not know why a wonderful hen like Ethen is lying outside, But Mrs Adesua told her to take that thing away, that it is good for nothing Hen as she can’t produce egg again.


After much pleading Kemi decided to take Ethen and treat her. For 4 months kemi kept on reviving her until the 6th month. Ethen layed 10 eggs which Mrs Kemi hatched so Ethen has 10 children. After a year Ethen with his Children started to lay egg that shaked the town.

The egg they lay is very big and three times double what Mrs Adesua was getting. Mrs Kemi became so rich that all her neighboring town was so jealous of him. Mrs Adesua was so surprised that she rose to go to Mrs Kemi house to see if it is her own Ethen that is producing all these eggs or she bought another one. So she decided to go and see for herself. Lo and behold it was Ethen and the 10 Chicken.

Mrs Adesua decided that she wants to take Ethen back and because of that Kemi took Adesua to Court.

The Judge refuse to judge on behalf of Ethen. So the Judge told Ethen to choose her Original owner. Ethen and her Children stood in front of Kemi and started jumping up and down and on doing that, Judge passed a Judgment. “Having seen what has happened, I have decided to hand over Ethen and her Children to Mrs Kemi as the Original Owner.

Mrs Adesua left crying.


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