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A powerful story titled “THE GOLDEN POT”. Check out the story below!!!

“THE GOLDEN POT” commenting on this story” Is an interesting fiction story that will keep you happy all day. Must read a story. Enjoy!!!

Read story below!!!


Once upon a time there was an old poor farmer living at his cattle ranch. He barely eat or feed his family. Every morning he goes to farm for people and collect money from them, but even at that the food he get, is never enough for him and his family.
His wife is dead and left with him, his eight Children. None of them goes to school.

So they all every morning go and farm for people, which in return they give them a shekel which is not even enough for a person to eat throughout a day. There house in the cattle ranch is a mud house, with a leaking roof. During rainy season, they take all their belongings to their ranch house and sleep there till the rainy season is over.

One day as he was making a ridge for another new planting season, his hoe hit a metal object, he wondered what could that be as since he has been tilling the ground he has not seen or noticed any strange thing like what he saw today, as he was digging and digging to the level of where he was seeing what the strange object is. Lo and behold it was a golden pot.

He brought out the pot and washed it but immediately he put his cutlass inside. On getting home he saw 50 pieces of cutlass. He was terrified as how did it happen. He decided again to put one yam he brought inside, and behold 50 yams came out of the pot. So he gathered all the money they brought that day and they put inside the pot and they got plenty money. Before he knew it he with his Children became rich that the news spread round the town.


One day his brother who is a military man in charge of his community came to see the pot and claim it as well. He told him as the Soldier in charge of this community, he has all power to keep the pot in his study. As they were dragging the pot, the soldier fell inside the pot and 50 of them came out and started killing themselves as they all started fighting for the pot. They continued fighting until all of them died including his brother.

He was so frightened that he took the pot back to where he got it from and told himself that the money and all the wealth the pot gave him will serve him and his children for years. He sighed as he remembered how his brother died because of the golden pot.


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