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Check out the most foolish in this story titled “THE FOOLISH WOMAN”.Learn from this story.Enjoy!!!

“THE FOOLISH WOMAN” commenting on this story” that depicts the true meaning of foolishness and wisdom.See how the story ended Enjoy!!!

Read story Below!!!


There was a famine in the village of Ikowa. It was so severe that people has to leave there village to the neighbouring town in search of food.

Some left to a far village where they heard rumor that there are enough food. But some villagers refuse to leave their village.
Mrs Ijeuwa was one of them, she stored thousand tubers of yam in her barn, plenty chicken and other food crops. She has ten Children. Mrs Ijeuwa was proud that she is the only woman in her village that will not experience hunger. Her friend Mrs Enuma has food as well but not as her friend but with three Children.

The two women and Children where living fine till a year passed. The Next year, hunger got to them as their food has finished. It was terrible to Mrs Ijeuwa as she don’t know what else to do and how she can feed her ten Children.
One day she had a long discussion with her friend Mrs Enuma on how they can survive. Mrs Ijeuwa suggested that they sell their Children to the neighboring village. The village feed on human meat. So they can give them money to buy food items and also part of the meat.


Mrs Enuma agreed but told her they will start from her since she has 10 Children and she has 3 until she is equal with her but Mrs Enuma promised her that once her Children is remaining three that she will start selling her own.
So Mrs Ijeuwa started selling her Children to the neighboring village. They will give her money and part of her Child body for meat. She and her friend will cook and eat happily. She continued doing this till she had sold seven of her children. It was Mrs. Enuma turn to sell one of her Children.

But Mrs Enuma suggested that since both of them have equal Children that she should sell extra one so she can sell her own. Mrs Ijeuwa agreed and sold the eight child and took her part for meat..The next day Mrs Enuma started looking for her Children that she sent to the market. They searched but couldn’t find them. She started crying that Mrs Ijeuwa had self pity on her and decided to sell her ninth child. The Next day as they were eating and making merry, one of Mrs Enuma Child ran out and shouted Mama heat want to kill us in the pot ; we can’t stay anymore.

Immediately Mrs Ijeuwa dropped the food she was eating and started crying and shouting, pointing to her friend who has distant herself from her the moment the Child ran. She asked why did you make me sell my 9 Children and you hide yours. Mrs Enuma shouted back how is it my fault, that she is a foolish woman, how could she expect her to kill her Children because of hunger that she can’t do that, better that she and her Children should die of hunger than killing them.


On hearing this, Mrs Ijeuwa fell down and died. Mrs Enuma took her Children with Mrs IJeuwa only Child and left the village in search of food.


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