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Check out this fiction story titled “THE FALL OF A FOOL”.It is a story that depicts who is referred to as a Fool.Do you want to know who? See story below!!!

“THE FALL OF A FOOL” commenting on this story” encourages hardwork and for you to live your dream, you must work for it. Enjoy!!!

See story Below!!!



Bintu was eight years old when he went to live with Mr and Mrs Aye Smith. Mr and Mrs Aye Smith has four Children, Three girls and a boy. The name of the boy is Chinuta who is of the same age with Bintu.
Bintu is a very clever boy while Chintua is very lazy.

Chintua is loved by her parents very much that anything he request they will buy it for him. Bintu who is of the same age with Chintua washes Chintua clothes, Iron them, wash plates and clean the house.

But Chintua only eats and play as he wishes. Whatever Chinutua wants, His parents gets for him as the only Son. Chintua is not as intelligent as Bintu because of that Mr and Mrs Aye Smith will force Bintu to do their Son’s Assignment and test in school.
All his siblings were not pleased with the way their mother treats Bintu and how they spoil Chintua. Chintua is so arrogant, disrespectful both to his parents and teachers in school. Chinutua became so wayward that neighbours complain. But His parents will always pick fight with the neighbours each time they come complaining of their son.
Chintua with his gang will go to bush from school to play till night. His siblings will always warn him about his waywardness. To crown it all, Bintu has to stay awake till Chintua returns so that he can wash his cloth and wait for it to dry so he can iron them.


His parents became so worried and disturbed about their son’s behavior that one night they denied him food for coming late and staggering under the influence of Alcohol.

Chintua shouted and beat his mother for not given him food; it was a horrible night for the family of Mr & Mrs Aye Smith as they rushed their mother to hospital that night. It was first in history in the Village of Asansuwa that a son beat his mother. But everybody felt less concern as it serves right since he refused to train her son properly.

It is over 12 years, Bintu and Chintua is now 20 years. While Bintu got scholarship to study abroad Chintua couldn’t go further as he preferred to learn trade than going to school. All effort made by his parents for him to be in school was to no avail.
Chintua stubbornness and wayward nature was on the increase side. Every crime done in their village, Chintua is connected to it. His parents became so worried that they started moving from one Church to another seeking for help for their son.

On a Sunday morning, Chintua decided to go to church not because he wants to attend to service but to make advances on the Choir mistress.
After service, the pastor called him and advised him that he should change his way that the day of the lord is coming.

He was so terrified that he started planning on staying more of indoors should in case someone wants him to die by accident. He stopped going with Vehicle rather he will follow the bush area. He stopped eating outside should someone wants to poison him.
One day as he is relaxing under the Mango tree in front of their house, the pastor came again and told him he has message for him but he refused to listen as he told the pastor that he is being careful. Chintua will bring his girls in his house and sleep with them.


One day as he was ironing his cloth, he heard someone calling him. He asked who could that be as he is not expecting any visitor. He listened to know who could that be but he could not recognize the voice but decided finally to go and see who that person is. On getting to the door, a very thunderous sound hit the door, lo and behold Chintua was rolling on the floor in a pool of blood, he has been shot. He shouted what a fool I am. It is all over, he breathe his last and died.


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