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“A fiction that will set your mind blowing, very inspiring.Wealth is beautiful and a world of comfort.Enjoy this powerful story and don’t forget to share with your friends!!!

“SUNSET AT NOON” commenting on this story, tells the story of a young girl who stepped into a demonic kingdom in search of riches. What Next?


Everyone wants to become like another, the poor aim to be like the rich the richer envy the freedom of the poor. What a world full of ups and downs.
Where some desire green pasture, luxurious life, some seek for common living. Human wants are insatiable. Most often I long for a world where you can get all you desire, love, riches, powers and among the Crème la da of the society. I want it at all cost after all, life should be made easy for all and sundry. It is a free world to live as you like and enjoy your days at fullest. Who can stop me?

On a Saturday morning, as I was doing my normal road walk routine I decided to run through a hall way of our school, on getting to the Exit door of the hall, I noticed someone was sitting at the window close to the door, as I drew closer I saw handsome , tall, elegant man, dazzling in beauty. In fact, I have not seen any being like him before, he was so different, reserved. When my eyes caught with his I could see his smiling, beautiful shinning eyes. I couldn’t withhold the beauty as he was approaching to me. He was not from this planet but I didn’t bother as long as I accepted him to be my Angel.

The Journey to his planet was a week journey but since we where teleported it took us two hours. I couldn’t imagine how I followed him but whatever reason, all that matters to me was to be his damsel forever.

On getting to the planet, I saw the true meaning of riches, comfort, peace and love. Every houses was made of gold, the roads are made of glasses and diamond. I told myself, what else could I ask for when am in this kind of place. Everything was automatic. If you want to transport yourself to another place, you just need to speak a word and the vehicle with wings will appear. Everywhere was glittering. There is nothing like farming, going to work, church and no stress, All you are to do is to say your need and it will be taken care of, but as for food there is only one place you can go and say what you want to eat and it will appear.


That’s the White Castle, there the elders, kings and queens seat for their meeting, have their meal and entertain there guest. I realize that commoner in their place can only go to a room in the castle say what they want then eat their food. But even at that every where is just so beautiful and all of them look like my Angel.

I was taken to the female inner room and asked to enter the room. Immediately I entered all my cloth was removed as I was trying to cover my body with my hands, a shower from nowhere started pouring down on me bringing out sweet fragrance and bubbles which immediately after, my body dried off quickly, putting another new cloth like the one my Angel was wearing. I was very terrified as I have not seen this kind of life before but at the same time I was enjoying every bit of it as I don’t have to undergo any stress in bathing and wearing my cloth.

A voice asked me to open the door, on opening the door see my Angel standing in front of me I was startled because I couldn’t remember telling him am through but he told me everything in their world is timed and he came at the time scheduled for him to come.
Finally, I was standing before the elders, kings and queens, in fact they where the most beautiful being I have seen in their planet. I can’t even look straight at their faces because the beauty was stunning.
I was asked to seat with them at their table which was filled with different variety of dishes, drinks, meat, vegetables. The aroma was something I haven’t perceived before.


I was salivating, I felt like diving into the food. But I was asked to call the choice of food I want and it will be in front of me. Out of greed I started calling every food and drinks as I was starving in hunger. As I was calling, they were all staring at me like they are disappointed and I stopped. The food on my table was so much that I was telling myself that after eating I will take some home.

My Angel drew my attention at the law of their planet written on a glass as I was reading I became so terrified the moment I read that every food you ordered must be finished that day and as a foreigner if you don’t finish the food you will spend 20 years in the cave they called doom of hell. There you will be punished with hard labor or you will join the bloody occult. There you will eat human intestine as food and drink the blood as a sign of covenant with them and you will keep the part of this kingdom cult secret, you will also be in charge of killing your own kind ones they are captured, bring out their intestine and the blood. Indeed the sun has set at the noon for me. The most place I cherished turned dark to me. Darkness has covered the whole planet. I kept on crying and pleading but to no avail. I was sent to doom of hell as I refuse to join the Cult. It was over for me.

At night I couldn’t bear the dead smell of the dead body dumped in the cave so I kept screaming and crying but they keep torturing me to keep quiet that it is night.
The Next day, my Angel who I now hated with passion came and was apologizing to me, I turned deaf ear to him because he deceived me, he didn’t explain all of this to me. But am not to blame him because I was on a quest for riches and beauty. He kept on pleading telling me if I could forgive him, he will tell me a way of escape. Immediately on hearing this I wiped my tears and told him I have forgiven him because all that was in my mind is to escape from that place.


He told me that there planet has no doors, beginning or ending but that there is only one way for me to teleport back to my planet. There is a golden rope at the center of the Castle that if I can drag it down I can teleport back to my planet though that many who tried it was caught and killed but he promised to help me as he knows when the watch men go asleep.
The moment he was able to pull me out from the cave, I ran as far as my leg could carry me because everything is timed. Once is time for them to wake up, they wake up. So on getting to the rope a bell rang and I heard a voice “GET HER!!! As they want to hold me I dragged the rope and I woke up.

It was all a dream!!!
I could only do nothing but to thank God that it was a dream. That moment I realized that life is step at a time no hurry in life as God’s time is the best. I have to stand up and dress for school. Hustle continues…….winks!!

Sunset at noon – Obioma Obi

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