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Everything in the world has been designed to be green. It defines every living things. Its unique refreshness is what we can’t comprehend.
The original pattern of the world is ever to be green. A dead life doesn’t know its uniqueness. Every living creature is dependent on it. Everything that makes up life is dependent on it for survival.

Green to Farmers is a productive crop !
Green to Churches is life of total salvation !
Green has so many significance to life, it can represent growth, rebirth, prosperity, flourishing.

It can mean so many things traditionally to different professions. It can mean wealth, finances, ambition, production of good crops, strong health and harmony.

To all plants, trees and crops, their green nature is commonly in spring season when all the trees, plants are back to life with fresh growth and life continues after the cold winter seasons.
Life is green as it affects our physical and mental being in different ways. Green is soothing, refreshing, calming, fitness, stress relieving, relaxation and helps stop depression and anxiety.

Every desire of human wants is green, it depicts unconditional love and it is natural.
For a vehicle to move from one destination to another, it requires a signal to control the movement which is the traffic light. No vehicle wants to stand on a spot for a long time, so green light makes sure that they keep moving. For Doctors, green is essential to them as regards to health of human life. When a sick patient is rushed to hospital, the only life they need is green which signifies health and recovery. Once they get it, there life becomes green.


Our Electricity requires green lines to illuminate the light. Everything that has life and tendency to grow depends on green for survival. Green cannot be underrated , it connect the world network together.
Every need in one’s life is to progress, to achieve positive results in life. No living things which to be stagnant or have stunted growth. Everything wants to yield its increase.

It can be generous, kind, loyal with a high moral sense and having this life full of green can be compassionate.
But as says goes, everything that has advantage has disadvantages, life is green can mean a lot to many people. To humans, some will want to achieve it through positive means while some will want to achieve it through negative means which include being envious, selfish, greedy, possessive, devious with money and inconsiderate.

Life is Green if one can harness the beauty of it positively.


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