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Check out this powerful fictions titled “LAZY BANTOH THE DREAMER” it depicts the importance of Hardworking. Laziness is a termite. must read for everybody. See story below!!!

“LAZY BANTOH THE DREAMER” commenting on this story” encourages hard work and for you to live your dream, you must work for it. Enjoy!!!

See Story Below:


Once upon a time there lived a poor Bantoh. He has four siblings and his parents are great farmers that are wll known in there land.

Everybody loves and respect them because they are hardworking and are very rich. One day on their way coming back from farm, Lion devoured them and they died. The news spread round the village. It was a great lost for the entire village and their Children.

After four months of their death, Bantoh and his four siblings were all alone. Bantoh is the eldest and very lazy, but his siblings took after their parents. They started farming and fishing to feed themselves but Bantoh will always stay at home, eating what the siblings will bring from farm. After eating he will sleep from morning till night. When he wakes up again, he will eat all the food in the pot.

He became a very big problem to his siblings. The siblings will always hide the food they cook but he will always find out the hidden place and eat all the food in the pot.
In the morning, Bantoh will go out with his fellow lazy friends and be playing and boasting of how they can be rich. They always hope that manner will fall from heaven like that of the Children of Israel.
Everybody in the village knows him as Lazy Bantoh The dreamer.


One evening, he came back and noticed that there is no food in the house and all his siblings has gone. He was so sad, a day, week and month no sign of them and hunger is already telling on him. From that moment he started begging for food and money.
One day as he was seating under a mango tree at the village square, a woman with a very flashy brand new car stopped and gave him a big bag of rice, 10 tubers of yam and 10,000 Naira.
He was so happy that he hurriedly went home. He cooked food and called his friends to come and join in the celebration. They ate and drank to their fill.

When his friend had all gone, he brought out his money and told himself that he will soon become rich.
One day he dreamt on how this money can make him to be rich. So the next day he set for a journey to a money doubler who can change his money to millions so that he will become a millionaire.

On getting their the money doubler told him that 10,000 naira is too small that if he wants to get rich the next day he should sell all he has and bring 50,000 naira for him to be rich. He hurriedly went home and sold all the food items that was given to him and part of his cloth to complete the money.

The Next day he went to the money doubler and gave him the money but the money doubler told him to come the next day with bags to carry his money.
Early morning, he set to go and carry his money from the money doubler. On getting there he noticed that everywhere is locked and when he peeped through the window he noticed that the house was empty.


So he ran out in fear to inquire from neighbors what happened to the money doubler but none of them seems to know who the money doubler is. He cried and cried as it was done to him that he has been duped. He regretted ever believing on making money quick in this means. Everything has gone, no money or food. He wept so bitterly as he couldn’t know what to do anymore.


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