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Check out this fiction story titled “KIN THE CHEERFUL GIVER”.Whats the story line.See story below!!!

“KIN THE CHEERFUL GIVER” commenting on this story” Is an interesting story that will cause you to laugh loud till tears drop down. Enjoy!!!

See Story Below!!!


Kin lived in a town called Walin kingdom. He is very intelligent and brilliant. But he was known with lateness to school and always sneak in through the window during classes. He is very cunny but very brilliant. All the teachers pardon him most often because of his intelligent. Kin always take first position in his class and best in his school.

Kin’s parents are poor farmers but they try to raise there Children from the crops they harvest. So all there Children have to do some harvesting, fetching water from the stream, sell bean cake before they will go to school.

Kin’s teacher and headmaster dislike kin’s lateness to school. Most atimes Kin comes to school around 12’O Clock in the afternoon by then the school are already on break session. The teachers will flog him and give him punishment that will keep him in the school field till school dismissal.

One day, Kin was nominated to join other kids in Mathematics competition in their school as Kin is always the best overall student in Mathematics. He with other four kids are to represent their school and their teachers where so happy that they will take first position as Kin is always known for his outstanding performance in all subjects, especially in Mathematics.


Today is the D-day, everybody are set for the competition but where is Kin. He is nowhere to be found. The headmistress and the teachers were so worried. They knew kin comes late to school but not to something so important as competition. They all believed he will be punctual as this is Competition. The Headmistress was so angry that she promised herself that she will punish Kin severely and suspend him in school.

It was time for there school to enter for the Competition and Kin was nowhere to be found.
But the rest of the four kids entered the competition ground. It was at the second round of the competition that Kin came in. Everybody including his mate were so angry with him because he could no longer enter the competition. He has been disqualified.
After the competition, Kin’s school took third position. They were so angry that they all left home.

The Next day Kin came so early as headmistress warned him to do so. As he arrived at the headmistress office, he brightened his face and told his headmistress, I have a good news for you.

The headmistress raised his head in surprise as what kind of good news will this boy give him.
Kin told his headmistress that he picked a bag full of gold that he has been thinking of what he will do with the gold. I will use some and buy lands for his parents, car then build a big house , also give the headmistress some.

On hearing this, headmistress brightened up and started thinking of using her share to buy the land she has been dreaming of to buy.
Happily, she took Kin to her house and prepared a very wonderful meal for him. As Kin is enjoying the meal, the headmistress was pondering on what she will do with with her money. I will buy fleet of cars, send my children abroad and build house she said.


Kin has finished the food and was relaxing. The headmistress turned and asked him where is the gold?
Kin was shocked and asked her what Gold and why did she give him food. The headmistress was astonished as why he is asking her the question. But she replied that it is all about the gold he talked about.

Kin was amazed and told her that he was just narrating his dream and what he planned doing in that dream. Immediately the Headmistress shouted “So it was a dream” and I wasted all my food.

She sighed in disappointment and walked him out of her office. Immediately He left, she remembered why she called Kin earlier but it is too late. She resolved not to suspend Kin as Kin may tell people what happened and it will be a shame.


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