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Check Out who your True friends are. Read story below!!!

“A True Friend” is a Fiction story that admonishes one to watch out for the bad friends. Discover and Share with all your friends. Enjoy



There was a time all animals live together happily in a forest, they watch out for one another. Lion and other animals play and eat together, they hunt food and share to those who can’t hunt for food.
Elephant is the king of the forest, everybody fears him and respect him and all the animals love him because he is kind and a peaceful king.

Lion, tortoise, rat and Antelope are his best friends and they play together. Each time there’s problem in the forest, they are his mouth piece and always protect their friend elephant.

One day the bear and his wife was walking and discussing about the five friends. They said that lion is the strongest and has better stature to rule. On hearing this, lion rushed to them and asked them what are they saying. They repeated what they said earlier and even told him that most animals are even saying they prefer to make him king. After that day, lion began to go house to house to start asking other fellow animals how they see him and to his utmost surprise, Bear and his wife were saying the truth.

But After that, he preferred to know why they prefer him than his bosom friend elephant. Some animals said elephant is too fat and can’t walk well, some said elephant eats a lot that’s why they bring crops everyday for him, some said elephant can’t protect them. Lion was so surprise at the answer he got.


Finally he decided to meet with his friends but this time elephant is not and with them. He told them the rumor he heard and ask them of their opinion.

They told him that it is not just a rumor that they plan to dethrone him by taking another kingdom and kill him so lion asked why would you kill our friend since he has not done any harm to us. Tortoise then replied that since the fish kingdom and our king became friend we could no longer enjoy their meat because he has restricted us from doing so.

Lion knew no matter how he tries to protect his friend that tortoise can do anything, so he left and went to sat under the mango tree. He was disturbed as how he will tell elephant about other animals plot against him and what they are saying. He love his friend a lot that he wants to protect him from his enemies. So lion went home and decided to stay be his friend to watch out for the enemy.

Tortoise is a very cunny animal, he wants to be the king and kill the lion and elephant.

So he plotted against his two friends Lion and Elephant so they can hate and kill each other as both will think that they want to kill one another.

Tortoise told their friend rat of his plan of killing their two friend and killing all the fish in fish kingdom but rat being so wise and seeing how cunny Tortoise has been, he decided to reveal tortoise evil plan to his friends Lion and Elephant. So Elephant and Lion decided to set trap for tortoise. Elephant the King sent message across the Fish kingdom of the plan of tortoise to kill them. So they vacated their land and hide in another kingdom so that The king will be able to trap tortoise and his evil plan.


Tortoise has set for a Journey to fish kingdom to deceive and kill them and also plot to deceive his two friends to kill each other.

On getting to the fish kingdom he noticed that everywhere is quiet, not even a song from bird, he was terrified as to what has happened if someone has gone ahead of him to kill the fishes. He waited and waited but no sign of them he decided to go to where he lured the two friends to kill each other. On getting their he saw all the fish, rat, his friends, other animals and their king. He shouted as he knew that rat has reveal his secret and they are all waiting to kill him.

The King vowed not to kill him, so he banish him from the kingdom and from communicating with other animals. That’s why each time tortoise see animals or people he hide on his shell.


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